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Which are best server performance monitoring tools

Server performance monitoring devices can rearrange system management assignments by enabling managers to see the whole condition through a solitary interface and guarantee that every genuine or virtual workload is performing at a satisfactory level. In any case, choosing the best server monitoring software for your remarkable needs and spending plan can be a gigantic test. The accompanying inquiries outline the most widely recognized issues paving the way to another instrument securing...


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Here are some useful server performance monitoring software which you can use to check server health and performance and keep your website on speed.



Motadata is one of the best server performance monitoring tools which is easy to install and use. With this software you can easily monitor your server performance and keep your server on 100% up time. Motadata server performance monitoring tool provide clear details of all critical server performance parameters.

Red Hat

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Health Check offers multi-review security advances to distinguish setup, refresh, security and execution issues that may affect a business. This Linux server execution observing device guarantees that your business is working with most extreme security and proficiency.


Nagios is the IT Infrastructure monitoring and alarming tool that screens all mission basic foundation segments servers, switches, applications and administrations. It is evaluated as the best server monitoring software in the business as it sees security dangers, reviews frameworks, recognizes inclines and examines arranges as well.


PRTG network monitoring software is a brought together arrangement that screens a wide range of server - mail servers, record servers, database servers, virtual servers and web servers. It additionally screens data transfer capacity use, organize gadgets, servers, remote frameworks, virtual situations and more by utilizing SNMP and WMI, Netflow and Packet Sniffing. This web server performance software bolsters the two Windows and Linux stages and auto finds your system.


Desert plants, the electronic system charting device, is based upon RRD device the hidden programming and information logging instrument. It accompanies SMTP bolster, worked in client administration device and PHP driven frontend.

It helps you to monitor network traffic by surveying; diagram information measurements – CPU load and system transmission capacity usage; keep up information sources and round robin documents in a database; and handle the information assembling as well.

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